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Hello and Welcome!  My name is Jennifer Sarsany and I am the face behind Pearson Glassworks.  My love of stained glass started early, as I grew up in a home filled with Tiffany reproductions created by my Father. In 2015, on a whim, I asked my Dad to start teaching me everything he knew about glass art.  My passion for the medium was instantaneous and I started making pieces for friends and family as gifts.  After a lot of practice and honing of my craft I began to take on commissioned work. My journey in stained glass has been about paying homage to the past yet finding my own artistic voice piece by piece.  The designs are based on things that speak to me and gravitate towards simple forms, modern geometries and organic influences. While I don't know what the Universe has in store for Pearson Glassworks I will continue on this adventure driven only by the hope that my work will add beauty to the world.  When I am not in my studio I can usually be found on my yoga mat, dancing, getting my hands dirty in the garden or connecting with the people that fill my soul with love and light.

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