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  • Tell Me About Your Pieces?
    All of the pieces offered by Pearson Glassworks are designed and created in our studio and have been hand cut, foiled, leaded, soldered, patinated and polished by us. Due to the handmade nature of our work, pieces will have slight variations. Stained glass, unlike residential glass, may have small imperfections that are part of the manufacturing process but add to the beauty of the material. These imperfections could look like small bubbles, lines, ripples, dents and other blemishes.
  • What are your terms and when can I expect my order to ship?
    All sales are final. There can be no refunds or returns on items once payment is received, so please be absolutely sure of your purchase. In the unfortunate event your item is damaged in transit please send me clear photos of your package within 48 hours of receipt and we will work together on either repairing or replacing your piece. Pearson Glassworks is not responsible for packages lost by USPS. Orders are shipped within 5-7 business days unless otherwise noted.
  • How do I care for my piece?
    I recommend hanging all glass pieces from a secure hook or nail. Suction cups and adhesive strips are often unreliable and become unattached with temperature changes. If you want to adjust the height of your piece, fishing line can be used as an invisible way to accomplish this. Please make sure you check on the fishing line regularly as it can become brittle when exposed to sunlight. I would recommend only a light dusting of your piece, ideally with a microfiber cloth. If your believe your piece needs a deeper clean, use distilled water sparingly to clean the piece with dawn dish soap and then polish it with carnauba wax to bring the shiny finish back to life. Made with materials containing lead which is only harmful if ingested. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, make sure you wash your hands well after handling, and keep out of reach of children and pets.
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